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Your donation to either our Public Spay/Neuter Voucher Program or our Ninth Life Division program will provide critical funds and help us help those who need us most. Our Public Spay/Neuter Program provides no-cost vouchers to members of our community who need help to "do the right thing". Since the program's inception, we have funded over 3800 alter surgeries. Our Ninth Life Division supports cats which have little hope of being adopted due to advanced age or significant health issues. These cats are placed in foster homes where they will be cared for and cherished for as long as they have left with us.

Gigi at the Vet

Gigi at Home

Meet Gigi

Gigi, a petite, nearly hairless cat was rescued from a feral feeding station. Timid but tame, surely someone was missing this cute little grey Devon Rex, a breed with very short, downy fur and large ears on a little triangular face. Efforts to find her family were unsuccessful and she needed a warm, safe place to land before the weather turned. So, she was welcomed to MEOW.

We determined that 10 year old Gigi's poor appetite was a sign of serious health challenges. She was hospitalized for several days while her life hung in the balance. Gigi was diagnosed with acute renal insufficiency, pyelonephritis, severe non-regenerative anemia, and high white cell count. Ultrasound revealed IBD, pancreatitis, hepatic lipidosis, and multiple large stones in her gall bladder, partially obstructing her bile ducts. In cats, this is a difficult surgery, making it safer to remove the stones than the entire organ. To complicate things, an echocardiogram diagnosed a heart condition.

After a week of intensive care, Gigi was released with a multitude of medications, and welcomed into MEOW's Ninth Life Division, to be cared for by Assistant Shelter Manager Annie and her husband Mike. Gigi is responding positively to round the clock care. Whether she'll become healthy enough for gall stone surgery remains to be seen, but we're very sure that in her Ninth Life she will remain comfortable, cared for and cherished.

Your gift to our Ninth Life Division will help us help precious cats like Gigi.

Here are just a few of the comments we've received recently from very grateful recipients of our no-cost spay/neuter vouchers. Your donation helps families with limited means spay or neuter their pets, giving them the gift of health and safety. What better gift is there than that?

"Thank you so much for your assistance. It is a Godsend for us."

"Thank you so much for your offer (to help place kittens). All of them have homes, I just haven't been able to find another job yet and I want them to be fixed when they go to their new homes, just wanted to make sure there were no Oops! kittens in their new homes :-)"

"Hello, thank you so much for this. There are no words to express how grateful we are."

"They keep having babies and I'm running out of people to give them to because they've made my back yard their home. I don't have a job and my husband's on L&I so I can't afford to get them fixed. Is there anyway you can help me out?" Of course we can, and we did!

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